It Is eye disorder that damage of optic nerve.

It takes months to years after the nerve damage has occurred before you may notice the symptoms. Once vision is lost, it cannot be recovered.

Most people with glaucoma do not notice symptoms until they begin to lose eyesight.

Many people do not notice the blind spots until significant optic nerve damage has already happened. Blindness can result when the entire nerve is destroyed.

But in Acute-Closure Glaucoma, Each person may experience symptoms differently, which include:

Blurred or narrowed field of vision, Severe pain in the eyes, Seeing halos around lights, Nausea and Vomiting.

Visual feild, tonometry, gonioscopy, pachymetry and optic nerve imaging are methods of diagnosis of glaucoma.

Anti glaucoma eye drops are the first line of treatment but if the drugs can’t control eye pressure, surgery is recommended.

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